About Us
"Our mission is to
help clients build
durable businesses."
About Us


Anthill provides financial management services to
help growing businesses and non-profit
organizations manage risks associated with rapid
growth. We work with companies to improve
profitability, cash flow and credit.

Why Anthill?

Few firms are as dedicated as we are about
helping companies grow successfully using proper
accounting controls.  Accounting firms generally
regard controls and financial reporting as an end
product without considering how they affect the
company's growth plans. We believe controls and
financial reporting are critical to address the
heightened risks associated with rapid growth.

The emphasis on accounting controls and working
capital management is integral to our mission to
help build durable companies.  We help make
growth strategies work by focusing on three areas.

Controls - Financial controls form the
foundation of our work. We help companies set
up policies and procedures, accounting
software, financial reports and budgets. Good
controls aid decision making and give owners
and managers confidence and peace of mind.

Cash flow - What is a sign of a good business?
One good indicator is having strong operating
cash flow. Generating strong cash flow is
gained by having good controls and rigorous
working capital management. We develop
processes to collect on receivables quicker,
reduce receivables and inventory and improve
payables management.

Credit - Credit is essential for growth.
Companies with good credit gain favorable
prices and terms from suppliers, borrow at low
rates and attract investment capital. In many
ways, building a successful company is much
about building good credit.  We help improve
trade and bank credit by setting up controls
and processes that drive cash flow to promote
trust with creditors and investors.

Controls & the Growth Factor

Growing companies are susceptible to failure.
When companies acquire other businesses, launch
new products, expand into new territories,
develop new sales channels or focus on ramping up
sales, controls are put to the test and their
effectiveness can make or break a company. Good
controls must be strong and flexible.

Companies undergoing significant growth with
inadequate controls risk failing. In severe
cases, poor controls can trigger a cash flow and
credit crisis that can lead to insolvency. The
business landscape provides ample evidence of
companies that have "grown broke" - companies
whose growth plans were short-circuited by
controls failure.

Our integrated approach helps clients gain the
financial strength needed to weather the stress
of change and navigate the high seas of
competition. With the masts of controls, cash
flow and credit fully extended and guiding the
way, the company travels far and wide to reach
the shores of success.
"Free from agitation or disturbance."