Our Clients
Our Clients
Client Focus:

Businesses and non-profits
with revenues up to $10
Startups and early-stage

Industry Focus:

Professional services
Publishing & media
Real estate
Retail & distribution
Our clients consist of growing businesses and
non-profit organizations concentrated in small
and mid-sized cities.

Startups & Early Stage Businesses

Our strength is helping companies manage risks
associated with rapid growth. Startups and early
stage companies can realize significant benefits
from our work to build controls, cash flow and
credit. Our service provides the tools that
entrepreneurs need to have confidence their
business is built on a solid foundation and has
the staying power to reach the next stage and

Small Businesses

Our bookkeeping and controller service provides a
competitive edge to small and mid-sized
businesses. These businesses recognize the
importance and value that exceptional accounting
service can bring to their organization. We
provide relevant and timely feedback to
managers/owners who rely on accounting
information to make important decisions.


Small non-profit organizations with a limited
budget can benefit from our bookkeeping service.  
We provide a complete bookkeeping solution to
help non-profits comply with stringent reporting
requirements to maintain their tax exempt status.
Equally important, our service can help
organizations improve fiscal management to
establish credibility with supporters & donors.