Accounting has certain tools of the trade
that no serious accountant or bookkeeper
should do without. These tools are
considered the Swiss Army knife for
practitioners. They are time tested and
provide a low cost way to improve accuracy
and control of any accounting operation:

Accounting forms
Rubber stamps
Workpaper index tabs

The only high tech part about these tools is that they work and work well! Use them
and you will sleep better at night.
Control Products
Welcome to the Anthill online
store. We hope you enjoy visiting
our web store for products that
will improve accounting controls
and help make your work more
efficient and accurate.
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Refund and Exchange Policy:

Anthill works diligently to ensure that every customer is completely
satisfied with an order.  However, we recognize that there will be instances
when customers  will request a refund or exchange.  As a policy, Anthill
will issue a cash refund or exchange for any unopened or unused item
purchased for up to a period of 30 days, less the shipping costs. As a
policy, we do not issue cash refunds or exchanges for business forms. If
there is an error in printing the forms, we will gladly re-print forms and ship
without charge.